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Local Games. Pro Leagues.

Create and manage leagues like a professional with our online league manager.

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Why Choose Us?

Keep your finger on the pulse of your bar leagues with our beautiful and user-friendly online application

Our online application helps turn your local pub tournament or league game into a competitive experience for your customers.

We Add Value

Keep your customers returning by giving them something to brag about! Showcase the winners and leaders of your tournament with our exclusive custom leaderboard feature.

We Make Your Life Easier

Stop using excel to keep track of all the results and use our innovative and simple to use database management tool. Saving you time, money and stress!

Insightful Analytics

Understand your customers more throughly.

Our built in analytics system will help you understand your customers better. See how often people attend and how long they stay.

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Benefits and Features

We've integrated features that will enhance the player and management experience.



Rank the top finishers from your leagues so players can work to boost their ranking.

Database Management

Database Management

Forget your old excel spreadsheets and use our database management system to save you time.



Create custom leaderboards for your games.



Manage and schedule your events quickly and easily through our system.

League Dashboard

League Dashboard *

Beautifully designed dashboard provides visual analytics of their league.

Custom Emails

Custom Emails *

Keep in touch with all your players by creating custom emails using 3rd party integrated systems.


Gamification *

Make sure your players keep coming back. League leaders can earn custom badges, achievements and discover custom missions.


Payments *

Our system enables you to sign up and send invoices to bar owners. Process payments online and create re-occurring payments.

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Our Pricing

One simple, affordable plan.

Per Event Pricing!

  • No upfront fees
  • Nominal per event pricing
  • 24/7 technical supprt
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